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Edge of Grace is a courageous and deep exploration of the transformative power of challenge, written with transparency and laced with humor, wisdom and love. A rich book with a sharp edge.

Earth Mysteries Radio
Earth Mysteries Radio

Edge of Grace is a courageous and deep exploration of the transformative power of challenge, written with transparency and laced with humor, wisdom and love. A rich book with a sharp edge.

Haines Ely, PhD
Haines Ely, PhDEarth Mysteries Radio

Deepest respect and appreciation for Prajna’s honest, vulnerable and amazing expression of her journey. It is an invitation of the highest order that has the potential to bring deep insight and transformation.

Isaac Shapiro
Isaac ShapiroAuthor of Outbreak of Peace, It Happens by Itself, and Burning Questions

Edge of Grace celebrates reality, as it is, and invites the possibility of peace beyond measure. Highly recommended! 

Canela Michelle Meyers
Canela Michelle MeyersBest Selling Author of Right Here, Right Now Meditations

Every spiritual tradition includes stories of saints being severely tested… Prajna shows us that challenges are opportunities for profound growth toward rock-solid realization and true spiritual maturity.

Rick Archer
Rick ArcherFounder and host of Buddha at the Gas Pump

I discovered Edge of Grace when meeting Prajna on a weekend retreat, and subsequently devoured in 2 days. I found her true story to be profoundly inspiring, beautifully written and a total page turner. It’s been a little while since I was so totally captivated by a book, and I fully recommend this to anyone who is looking for an amazing and enriching read.

Eleanor Tara
Eleanor Tara

Wow! Wow! Wow! Edge of Grace wowed me on every level. Body, mind and spirit! I was captivated from the beginning. I cried, I laughed (out loud!) I deeply felt every word, painting a picture so imaginable that each… came to life. A book that I will read again.

Jan Sander
Jan SanderNevada City, CA

“I read Edge of Grace in three nights. It is filled with inspiration, great joy, devastation, courage, determination, insight and wisdom. The authenticity of Prajna’s story shines through in a way that touches the soul.”

 Dena Sharrock
Dena Sharrock Anthropologist, Newcastle, Australia

Prajna’s story could easily be called: Fortitude, resolve and liberation. Her strength and spirit inspires through her incredibly challenging journey.

Louise Renehan
Louise RenehanEditor, Grass Valley, CA

Prajna tells her compelling stories in an engaging, witty, yet forthright manner, drawing fresh insights into what it means to be awake and engaged in the midst of the turmoil, darkness, and beauty that make up our human lives.

Henry Hansen
Henry HansenPenn Valley, CA

Prajna’s book is a wide open look at one of toughest spiritual paths imaginable, caring for specialchildren. All of these moments of caring attention, even the dark night of the soul, point to the underlying substratum of reality, ‘oneness.’ Prajna shares trials, tribulations, realizations and joys. A real life situation becomes a transcendent spiritual practice for the modern world. We are richer and wiser.

Cathy Weiss Boucher
Cathy Weiss BoucherTherapist

“Spiritual awakening is a radical shift in identity from a conditioned perception of yourself as a separate individual to a direct encounter with yourself as spiritual essence and showing up for life — as it is.”

This is my favorite quote. I’ve always been a spiritual seeker, reading Prajna’s book helped me find what I’ve been searching for — me.

Shelly Rose
Shelly RoseLVN – Libby’s Nurse

I am deeply moved by The Edge of Grace. I laughed, I cried, and I grew. This is wonderful example of using the challenges we face in life as our greatest spiritual teacher. This book will change your life.

Coy F. Cross II, PhD
Coy F. Cross II, PhD

This story, in its entirety, has left me with a strong feeling in my chest, like my heart doesn’t quite fit in it anymore. I’m moved and at peace. This is truly a “Wow!” when reading the content and yet it leaves me feeling like the gentle surf drew me into the ocean and I’m at ease while floating, when usually I am afraid and fight the pull. Thank you Prajna. I am allowing myself to experience life as it is.

Michell Armeanu
Michell ArmeanuMother

“Prajna offers us a moving story of one woman’s profound commitment to mothering, awakening, and love. I found her fierce dedication to follow her own feminine wisdom and truth so inspiring. Her story shines with courage, beauty, authenticity and redemption.”

Lisa Schrader
Lisa SchraderFounder

“Edge of Grace is moving, uplifting, cleansing, surging power that makes you feel you’ll never be the same again! As author Anne Lammott said ‘Grace meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us.’”

Sarah Tavner
Sarah TavnerDocumentary Producer for BBC & Film 4

“I like how your book talks about life, ‘as it is’. Oh what precious medicine your book is.”

Olivia Hearley
Olivia HearleySanta Cruz

“I bought your book at Briar Patch and have consumed it in the last three days.
I have heard many of the threads before, but you have woven them together in an extraordinary symphonic tapestry. Thank you for living light with the feet so firmly on the ground.”

Rachel Noble Gamolsky
Rachel Noble Gamolsky

“I applaud your endurance and ability to use your family life for spiritual growth. Love you and your daughters, even more for your honesty and ability to convey the story, light and love that shines with every word. I look forward to more.”

Valerie Hayes
Valerie Hayes

“I am so grateful that you have shared your story.  I found myself instantly engaged in your book and lost sight of everything around me!  It is truly captivating, energizing, and inspiring!! Keep writing!!!”

Jill LeMasters
Jill LeMasters

“I am LOVING Edge Of Grace. I can’t put it down. It is making me think more spiritually about life, my own family and dharma. Thank you so, so much for this beautiful, painful, sweet, nourishing gift. So much love and gratitude.”

 Amanda Boughton
Amanda Boughton